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n. pl. rad·u·lae (-lē′)
A flexible tonguelike organ found in most mollusks, having rows of horny teeth on the surface and used in feeding for scraping or cutting.

[Latin rādula, scraper, from rādere, to scrape; see rēd- in Indo-European roots.]

rad′u·lar adj.


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː)
(Zoology) a horny tooth-bearing strip on the tongue of molluscs that is used for rasping food
[C19: from Late Latin: a scraping iron, from Latin rādere to scrape]
ˈradular adj


(ˈrædʒ ʊ lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli)
a tonguelike band in the mouth of most gastropods, set with rows of teeth.
[1745–55; < New Latin rādula; Latin: scraper =rād(ere) to scrape, rub + -ula -ule]
rad′u•lar, adj.
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Age determination and estimation of larval period in field caught abalone (Haliotis discus hannai Ino 1953) larvae and newly metamorphosed post-larvae by counts of radular teeth rows.
In our long-term growth studies, the mesh bags housing the snails might have encouraged the development of biofilms, and thus provided an additional food source for juveniles through radular rasping, particularly for those being maintained without solid substrate (Chaparro et al.
situated anteriorly), some differences in radular teeth (an elongate first lateral tooth), and mainly by the different tegmental sculpture, with the very regular arrangement of non-elevated dorsal papillae (cf.
Otros caracteres que han sido identificados como de valor taxonomico dentro de los moluscos gasteropodos, y que necesitan ser analizados, son el aparato radular y la anatomia interna, por ejemplo, de los genitales.
Quantification of radular marks as a method for estimating grazing of intertidal gastropods on rocky shores.
In the just-published paper, "Phase transformations and structural developments in the radular teeth of Cryptochiton stelleri," Kisailus set out to determine how the hard and magnetic outer region of the tooth forms.
20, the relationships of the genera in the clade are unresolved, except for Goja and Ianthorntonia; the clade is monophyletic, supported by two synapomorphies: endophallus radular or with sclerites (5-1), and external parameres membranous or well defined projections (7-1).
Forewing with yellow or light brown veins and greyish radular areas, membrane colorless, transparent.
Radular anatomy and systematics of the West American Conidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda).
Thompson (1995, 2008) elevated the subgenera to generic status on the basis of the combinations of shell, radular and soft anatomical differences.
Los caracoles colectados entre 4000 a 4200 msnm poseian una formula radular de 26-1-26, es decir, un diente central con una cuspide accesoria derecha, 26 dientes laterales triangulares conicos y generalmente bicuspide a ambos extremos (Fig.