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The portion of an original liquid that remains after other components have been dissolved by a solvent.

[French raffiner, to refine; see raffinose + -ate.]


(Chemistry) the liquid left after a solute has been extracted by solvent extraction
[C20: from French raffiner to refine + -ate1]
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Highly radioactive liquid, known as raffinate, has been stored in tanks for around 20 years after being produced as a by-product of Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) fuel reprocessing.
The microchannel outlet was linked to a tube where both raffinate and extract were collected.
C'e tutto Kondrotas in questi tredici racconti, la sua poetica, il suo stile, che trascende le sue raffinate componenti.
2 billion will be poured into a facility for the production of butadiene and raffinate, while the second one, worth P3 billion, will be allocated for the manufacture of benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, C8+/C9+ Cut and non-aromatics.
Heavy Aromatics, Raffinate are upgraded to Gasoline, Gas Oil, or Fuel Oil in SR.
Indigenous in its making, this technology will help restrict the amount of benzene occurring in raffinate.
Using the UOP/Shell process, the plant had a capacity of 20,000 b/d of unleaded gasoline, 360 t/d of aromatics and 240 t/d of raffinate.
Alcuni avevano delle righe cosi profonde che sembravano pieni di cicatrici; altri esponevano i loro calli conquistati con duri lavori e ne erano orgogliosi come se quei calli fossero delle raffinate incisioni.
The rare-earth metals, as a group, are then selectively removed from the resulting raffinate through binding onto an additional SuperLig column.
Upon the completion of the extraction procedure, the raffinate was distilled using a makeshift distillation apparatus.
The aromatics plant also makes other by-products, such as Light Straight Run Naphtha, liquid petroleum gas, raffinate and heavy aromatics.
Request of local & international offers to upgrade its existing Phenol extraction unit (PEU) to use N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) solvent to increase raffinate product quality, including both waxy raffinate and unit feed rate, also to reduce solvent consumption.