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A trisaccharide, C18H32O16, composed of glucose, fructose, and galactose. It is obtained from sugar beets and cottonseed meal and is present in many legumes.

[French, from raffiner, to refine : re-, again (from Old French; see re-) + affiner, to refine (from Old French : a-, to from Latin ad-; see ad- + fin, fine, from Old French; see fine1).]


(ˈræfɪˌnəʊz; -ˌnəʊs)
(Biochemistry) biochem a trisaccharide of fructose, glucose, and galactose that occurs in sugar beet, cotton seed, certain cereals, etc. Formula: C18H32O16
[C19: from French raffiner to refine + -ose2]


(ˈræf əˌnoʊs)

a colorless, crystalline sugar, C18H32O16∙5H2O, with little or no sweetness, obtained from cottonseed and sugar beets and breaking down to fructose, glucose, and galactose on hydrolysis.
[1875–80; < French raffiner to refine]
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Noun1.raffinose - a trisaccharide that occurs in sugar beets and cotton seeds and certain cereals
trisaccharide - any of a variety of carbohydrates that yield three monosaccharide molecules on complete hydrolysis
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The sucrose, raffinose and stachyose in the ingredients were analysed as described by Cervantes-Pahm and Stein [16].
2005) it was showed that administration of oligosaccharides of raffinose family during embryogenesis stimulates the formation of benefical bacterial profile in two-day old broiler chickens.
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Speciation was done based on Facklam conventional method & fermentation of mannitol, raffinose, sorbitol and arabinose (Figure 1).
The researchers prepared navy bean extracts to isolate the maximum amount of raffinose oligosaccharides from the beans.
In both cases there is a rapid loss of sucrose and raffinose, which also contains a sucrose unit, and only here is there any clear indication of the entry of sugar derived from the reserves in the endosperm.
During observations, 39 specimens were growth positive; the biochemistry of isolates revealed that they were coagulase, catalase and oxidase negative, TSI, gel hydrolysis positive and were able to ferment glucose, lactose, maltose, galactose, fructose, sucrose, starch and raffinose.
The strains LSA 14, MKA 17, KMF 2 and BLH 1 were able to utilize raffinose as a carbon source; however, in case of L-arabinose seven strains were found unable to grow on it.
Besides carbon transport, sucrose can act at the final stage of seed formation as a substance reserve, to be used for the germination process, and serve as the basis for the synthesis of raffinose sugar series, that confer increased tolerance to desiccation, contributing to the maintenance of seed quality (BUCKERIDGE et al.
38,39) Garbanzo beans contain a significant amount of indigestible resistant starch and oligosaccharides such as raffinose that work in tandem to restore a healthy and balanced gut microbiome.
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