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Noun1.raft foundation - a foundation (usually on soft ground) consisting of an extended layer of reinforced concrete
understructure, groundwork, substructure, base, foundation, fundament, foot - lowest support of a structure; "it was built on a base of solid rock"; "he stood at the foot of the tower"
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Dilina Hettiarachchi, designed the structure which consists of a raft foundation on each tower.
Dubai developer Damac Properties has completed the raft foundation for Tower C of Aykon City, its four-million-sq-ft development centrally located between Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Water Canal.
DMCC also said that the raft foundation, which includes 2,500 tonnes of steel and over 12,000 cubic metres ofconcrete, was poured over a continuous 46-hour operation.
The Dubai-based trade and enterprise zone, and master developer of JLT, pointed out that the raft foundation, comprising of 2,500 tonnes of steel and over 12,000m 3 of concrete, was also poured over a continuous 46-hour operation.
DMCC, the world's leading Free Zone for trade and enterprise, master developer of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and the much anticipated Uptown Dubai, announced today that Dubai based contractor, HLG, renowned for its world-class build and infrastructure expertise, is to build the concrete raft foundation for one of Uptown Dubai's two super tall towers.
In situations where a raft foundation alone does not satisfy the design requirements, it may be possible to enhance the performance of a raft by adding piles, producing what is called a piled raft [1-3].
You can see the raft foundation of the structure and parts of Zabeel Park underneath as you walk over the glass.
This paper is aimed at investigating the influence of the raft-cushion-soil-pile interactions on the load transfer mechanisms and cushion failure mode of the piled raft foundation based on experimental tests.
CPRF is representative for combined piled raft foundation, which is commonly applied to suffer the heavy load of skyscrapers through sharing the exerted load between raft and piles.
The insured's old home had a raft foundation design where the foundation wall is located on top of the slab and relies on the slab to distribute the load to the sub soil, Figure 4A.
I had to have piles sunk into the ground (the deepest went down 12m) and then a raft foundation constructed."