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Noun1.raft foundation - a foundation (usually on soft ground) consisting of an extended layer of reinforced concrete
understructure, groundwork, substructure, base, foundation, fundament, foot - lowest support of a structure; "it was built on a base of solid rock"; "he stood at the foot of the tower"
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The building's main structural skeleton comprises a central core, perimeter columns, composite floors, roof crown and a continuous raft foundation.
I had to have piles sunk into the ground (the deepest went down 12m) and then a raft foundation constructed.
If you are pouring a concrete raft foundation, you will need at least ten inches dug out first.
According El-Sisi, the association is negotiating with the Saudi Raft Foundation concerning the actual prices.
Saudi Binladin Group, the contractors working on the project expect to complete the raft foundation of the tower, which is the largest of its kind in the world, in August this year, stated Hammoud while speaking at Meed's Arabian World Construction Summit (AWCS) in Dubai.
Jeddah Economic Company, owner and developer of the Kingdom Tower and City in Obhor, north of Jeddah, has completed the raft piling works and started the construction of the raft foundation for the tallest tower in the world rising to more than 1,000 meters and to be built on an area of 85,000 sqm at an estimated total cost of more than $1.
The raft foundation, which is a key element in project completion, is completed and now we will see quick progress as we expect to raise one floor every week," he said, adding that the project will be completed by mid-2016.
Because the flood plain dictated the extension floor should be raised, stone steps lead from the old to the new, which sits on a piled raft foundation, the slab itself barely touching the ground to ensure minimal disruption to any archaeology that may lie underneath.
A raft foundation was used there centuries ago to mitigate the risk of an earthquake.
Engineers are faced with the nearly impossible task of attempting to build a raft foundation, as bedrock for the city, or finding a safer location for a new Christchurch City.
DAMAC Properties, the largest private developer in the Middle East, has completed the raft foundation for its iconic 'Al Jawharah Tower' in Jeddah, KSA.
Dubai The raft foundation of Saudi Arabia's Al Jawharah Tower has been completed, the project's developer Damac Properties said yesterday.