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A domestic cat of a large docile breed developed in the United States, having blue eyes, a long coat that is often light-colored with dark markings, and a tendency to go limp like a rag doll when picked up.
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(Breeds) a breed of large long-haired cat with blue eyes
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AN EX-PRISON officer has been jailed for abusing two former partners, giving one woman a black eye and threatening to "ragdoll" a man who another victim spoke to.
HORSES SUPREME: Ch - Tigbourne (Sports), D Thorneycroft & H Walsh, Dorset; R - Afan Ragdoll (Sect B), Dennis Price, Llanafan Fawr.
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Ragdoll cat Mocha is no ordinary indoor pet, he likes to be taken for a walk on a lead and enjoys playing fetch.
Ragdoll, Daniel Cole, Isbn 9781409168751 (Trapeze) BD6.300 for Gulf Weekly Book Club members
But temperamentally they are still similar, exhibiting the docility, confiding and passive nature of their breed of domestic cat -- the Ragdoll.
With limited use of her hands and neck, she has used voice recognition software to author a series of children's books that deal with common challenges that kids face in everyday life, through the eyes of a curious cat named Ragdoll.
NAME: Jasper APPEARANCE: Blue seal ragdoll SPECIAL SKILLS: Jasper has an inferiority complex, or in other words, believes he is a dog.
MY wife is keen for us to buy a Ragdoll cat as we live in a flat with no garden.
The colourful creatures are the creation of Ragdoll Production's Anne Wood, the woman behind such hits as Teletubbies and In The Night Garden.
The Twirlywoos, |the latest colourful creations from Ragdoll Productions, based in Stratfordupon-Avon