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Memorial services for Elgin Area School District U-46 administrator Ronald Raglin, who died Monday, Aug.
This year's wrapping paper features 10 designs by local artists: musician Wayne Coyne; Kris Kanaly; Katelynn Knick, an OU graduate student of painting and sculpture; Aditi Panchal; JUURI, a Japanese-American street artist; Marissa Raglin; Betty Refour; Emily Hamm; Tony Thunder; and Arjan Jager.
Meeusen, R., Duclos, M., Foster, C., Fry, A., Gleeson, M., Nieman, D., Raglin, J., Rietjens, G., Steinacker, J.
Similarly, Raglin (1990) found exercise did not decrease levels of depression in those whose initial scores fall within normal range, noting "exercise does not make normals more normal" (p.
Alem disso, Raglin e colaboradores (1996) e O'Connor e colaboradores (1989) afirmam que as medidas subjetivas identificam, tambem, a fadiga do atleta em resposta a carga cronica de treinamento.
The deer density on this property has been estimated at 20 [km.sup.-2] with a male to female ratio of 1:1.4 (Raglin unpubl.).
Outdoor personalities such as Dave Watson, who hosts The Journey on Outdoor Channel, and Roger Raglin, who hosts Roger Raglin Outdoors on Outdoor Channel, count Gearhead as their bow manufacturer of choice.
In some studies dealing with physical activity and anxiety, it was revealed that physical activity programs have directly effect on the anxiety level (O'Connor, Raglin and Martinsen, 2000; Stathopolou et al., 2006).
I had been standing for at least an hour when Junior Raglin sauntered on stage and began tuning, then strumming, his bass.