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1. Shaggy or unkempt; ragged.
2. Diverse and disorderly in appearance or composition: "They're a small ragtag army of racketeers, bandits, and murderers" (Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr.).


derogatory the common people; rabble (esp in the phrase ragtag and bobtail)



1. ragged or shabby; disheveled.
2. made up of mixed, often diverse, elements; motley.
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Noun1.ragtag - disparaging terms for the common people
common people, folk, folks - people in general (often used in the plural); "they're just country folk"; "folks around here drink moonshine"; "the common people determine the group character and preserve its customs from one generation to the next"
scum, trash - worthless people


[ˈrægˌtæg] (pej)
1. n ragtag and bobtailmarmaglia
2. adj (group, organization, collection) → di bassa lega
a ragtag army → un'armata brancaleone
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KIGOThe government should strive to address the issue of land ownership in Mt Elgon, Bungoma County, even as it deals with the ragtag gangs killing residents.
A ragtag cast of supporting characters, human and otherwise, shines.
The still-untitled "Star Wars" game from Visceral, currently called "Project Ragtag," is said to star "12 Monkeys" and "Gotham" actor Todd Stashwick, playing a character nicknamed "Dodger.
But before Dominic Toretto and the rest of his ragtag crew return for 'Fate and the Furious', one super fan has decided to get everyone reacquainted with where it all started.
But no-one has voted specifically for it and I suspect that if we had been offered a choice between Labour and a ragtag coalition led by a troika comprising Leanne Wood, Andrew RT Davies and Neil Hamilton, then Carwyn Jones would have gone in on a landslide.
Summary: Turkey's response to Russia's involvement along its border with Syria not only destroyed a Russian jet and an uneasy understanding between those fighting ISIS, but also shattered some myths surrounding the ragtag group of powers in the nearly five-year war.
Not far from the entranceway, we paused in one of those disorienting moments that happens at such events: There was a 1961 photograph of usme and the woman I was standing next to, and the rest of the ragtag band from our long ago Bunk 4: nine 11-year-old Jewish girls in a half-docked canoe, two bashful, non-Jewish counselors standing in the background.
35pm Last year, BBC One revived the Comedy Playhouse format (the anthology that in a previous life gave us Steptoe and Son, The Liver Birds and Till Death Do Us Part) to bring us three sitcom pilots, including Miller's Mountain, the tale of a ragtag collection of Scottish mountain rescue volunteers.
BLACK SEA 15, 114mins Jude Law is nicely steely as a submarine captain who puts together a ragtag crew to hunt for Nazi gold on board a sunken U-boat deep in the Black Sea.
And UKIP's ragtag gang of MEPs showed their true colours this week by voting against a new Brussels body to pursue aggressive tax avoiders.
John becomes the unofficial leader of their ragtag platoon of misfits, but when a mission goes awry, it's up to them to come to the rescue.
The effects are even more impressive, as the ragtag band of heroes fly from one beautifully rendered planet to the next.