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Noun1.ragweed pollen - pollen of the ragweed plant is a common allergenragweed pollen - pollen of the ragweed plant is a common allergen
pollen - the fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant
allergen - any substance that can cause an allergy
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Those living in the United States can expect the highest levels of ragweed pollen to occur in early to mid-September.
Estimates of Common Ragweed Pollen Production for Urban Ragweed Plants.
Ragweed contributes to "hay fever," which is a term to describe allergic rhinitis that occurs as a symptom of ragweed pollen in the air.
Unhealthy levels of smog and ragweed pollen, which are results of climate change, have put millions of people at risk of irritated eyes, noses, and lungs, a recent study said.
Again, people who have not been troubled by summer sneezes may find superstrong ragweed pollen an irritant.
The third product (Ragwitek) contains a short ragweed pollen extract.
(10) They used these projections to estimate future ragweed pollen levels for a 50 x 50-km grid across the continent under two greenhouse gas scenarios developed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Allergy to ragweed pollen has become increasingly common since the plant first gained a foothold in Europe in the mid-1900s but it is particularly prevalent in Eastern Europe.
Fall has its own offenders in the form of ragweed pollen and mold from fallen leaves.
In regard to human health, the EPA report stated that warmer temperatures and later fall frosts have prolonged ragweed pollen season in the U.S.