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Noun1.rail line - the road consisting of railroad track and roadbedrail line - the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed
branch line, spur track, spur - a railway line connected to a trunk line
railroad bed - a bed on which railroad track is laid
railroad track, railway, railroad - a line of track providing a runway for wheels; "he walked along the railroad track"
road, route - an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
trunk line, trunk route - line that is the main route on a railway
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The realignment of the proposed Nilambur-Nanjangund rail line is a major suggestion.
RABAT, July 25 (KUNA) -- Kuwait signed a loan agreement worth KD 15 million (USD 50 million) with Morocco on Tuesday to fund a high-speed rail line that will connect the central and northern parts of the North African monarchy.
Then, there is the 14km rail line from Walsall to Wolverhampton - unused, of course.
Then, there is the unused 14km rail line from Walsall to Wolverhampton.
The Port of Coos Bay has secured an $11 million federal grant to repair nine aging tunnels along its rail line from Eugene to Coquille.
We will lay a modern rail line from Gwadar Port to Afghanistan for transit trade.
The NH Rail Transit Authority, joined by business and government officials from around the state, is once again Issuing the call for lawmakers support a plan to give a boost to a commuter rail line that would link southern New Hampshire to Boston.
A new rail line linking Iran across Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to the Russian and then the European rail systems was inaugurated last Wednesday to great fanfare on the Iran-Turkmenistan border.
MEIRIONNYDD NFU Cymru county chairman Lewis Williams is reminding farmers of the dangers associated with rail line crossings.
The Federal Railroad Administration published a document on its website Wednesday officially kicking off a highly anticipated environmental review of a proposed high speed rail line between Dallas and Houston.
Mexico City, Rabi'II 29, 1435, Mar 1, 2014, SPA -- Mexico released contract specifications on Friday for a high-speed rail line planned for a 60-kilometre stretch between Mexico City and Toluca, according to dpa.
The Anglican diocese of Quebec and the Roman Catholic diocese of Gaspe "are profoundly disturbed" at the lack of government support for the Matapedia-Gaspe rail line.