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rail 1

a. A bar extending horizontally between supports, as in a fence.
b. A structure made of such bars and supports and forming a barrier or guard; a railing.
2. A steel bar used, usually in pairs, as a track for railroad cars or other wheeled vehicles.
3. Sports A grind rail.
4. The railroad as a means of transportation: goods transported by rail.
5. A horizontal framing member in a door or in paneling.
tr.v. railed, rail·ing, rails
To supply or enclose with rails or a rail.

[Middle English raile, from Old French reille, from Latin rēgula, straight piece of wood, ruler; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

rail 2

Any of various marsh birds of the family Rallidae, found worldwide and characteristically having brownish plumage and short wings.

[Middle English rale, from Old French rasle, probably named for their harsh cries and from Old French *rasler, to make a harsh noise (attested in Middle French rasler, to haggle, bellow like a stag), akin to Old French rasclar, to harrow, rake, from Old Provençal rasclar; see raclette.]

rail 3

intr.v. railed, rail·ing, rails
To express objections or criticisms in bitter, harsh, or abusive language. See Synonyms at scold.

[Middle English railen, from Old French railler, to tease, joke, from Old Provençal ralhar, to chat, joke, from Vulgar Latin *ragulāre, to bray, from Late Latin ragere.]

rail′er n.
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The rest now took their seats and kept to their own several places, but Thersites still went on wagging his unbridled tongue--a man of many words, and those unseemly; a monger of sedition, a railer against all who were in authority, who cared not what he said, so that he might set the Achaeans in a laugh.
It is known that in the Prince de Conde, the aquiline nose rose out sharply and incisively from a brow slightly retreating, rather low than high, and according to the railers of the court, -- a pitiless race even for genius, -- constituted rather an eagle's beak than a human nose, in the heir of the illustrious princes of the house of Conde.
He is not a tight railer, but neither is the slow-starting Worsboro Zebo who races from trap two, which should enable Buckland's stayer to crucially boss things on the inside early on.
07, heat two of the marathon, is a very difficult one to call and a tentative vote goes to GIRL NEXT DOOR who has the ideal draw being the only railer in the field.
A spokesman for Network Rail said it is believed the man was sitting in the metal basket of a road railer vehicle which was travelling along the track when electricity from one of the existing lines arced up.
You don't have to handle cargo until the final destination," says Roberto Vamos, manager of Road Railer Mercosul, a U.
The yellow road railer Mercedes lorry - which is one of two in the country - was taken from a compound in Watling Street, Shawell, between 3pm on Sunday and 7am on Monday.
The GBGB had to scrap the initial streamed draw as a railer had been omitted but it then proceeded without incident, following on from that for the Swindon Produce Stakes second round tomorrow.