railroad bed

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Noun1.railroad bed - a bed on which railroad track is laid
bed - a foundation of earth or rock supporting a road or railroad track; "the track bed had washed away"
rail line, railway line, line - the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed
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* Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail, about 15 miles of linear trail developed from a former railroad bed, is a favorite for local cyclists and walkers.
Built on an old military railroad bed, Tanya Shen Gang Green Bikeway is gently sloping - and mostly pretty flat.
The site, part of an old railroad bed, hugs the bluffs, and massive windows take advantage of the panoramic views.
It's built for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic.<br />James said planners originally planned to have the LYRT run along a railroad bed that they thought would be abandoned.
At Rower and the site of the former relocation camp the trail follows the converted railroad bed. The trail is planned to extend more than 90 miles through the wilderness, crossing two rivers and ending near Helena, where a 21 -mail bicycle trail exists.
The Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail begins at Eagle Avenue in Palmer and follows an old railroad bed along the Matanuska River between Palmer and Moose Creek.
There was also an old railroad bed that would have been a likely travel lane for the escapees.
The base underneath was an old railroad bed. We power swept it, applied a tac coat and it was a level course of binder so that it could be topped the following year.
To date, work has focused on residential yards, the railroad bed and a portion of the community park.
Shaw, the railroad tracks were clear of snow, but the railroad bed itself was not.
Pleasant Beach, N.J., says the raised Amtrak railroad bed stopped Sandy's storm surge from destroying the agency sitting a short distance from the shore.