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Noun1.railroad terminal - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goodsrailroad terminal - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods
depot, terminal, terminus - station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
flag stop, whistle stop, way station - a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal
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2 (1887) A committee of the Board of Directors of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad met and accepted a civil engineer's report as to the best location for the railroad terminal harbor on the Gulf Coast, which led the way to the beginning of the city of Gulfport.
Moreover, railroad terminal was also affected by the heavy rainfall and the passengers were evacuated.
Yet one question surrounding it persists: Why did Target, one of America's truly significant retailers, expend so little time, effort and energy explaining its mistakes to the 100 or so shareholders who cared enough to show up at an aged Amtrak railroad terminal in Dallas to ask for an explanation?
The USA-Iran wrestling matches at the railroad terminal will, however, use the current rules.
GRAFTON - Tomorrow morning, the first of four empty propane tanks will be delivered by a state police escort to the proposed propane transfer station at the railroad terminal.
The new hotel will be conveniently located in the city centre, near to the main railroad terminal and subway station.
The unions also support the ideas of developing other activities on the mill's territory, such as the construction of a central railroad terminal.
The former New York Railroad terminal boasts Hudson River frontage, a total of 4.
The tunnel," said Koumal, "could connect the Alaskan Railroad Terminal at Eielson Air Force Base, where the railroad ends, with the BC Rail in British Columbia.
At the time of the crash, John Tun was unemployed, but earlier he had performed maintenance at the nearby railroad terminal, Panithpol said.
That day, we were surprised to find military figures on duty at the miniature railroad terminal.