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Noun1.railway man - an employee of a railroadrailway man - an employee of a railroad    
brakeman - a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
signalman - a railroad employee in charge of signals and point in a railroad yard
yardman - worker in a railway yard
train dispatcher, trainmaster, yardmaster - a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard
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His letter to the captain of the steamer was from the chairman of the company, and his introduction to the manager of the London and North Western Railway Company was from the greatest railway man in the world.
We did Under the Skin and The Railway Man, and Churchill and The Wife last year.
FRIDAY The Railway Man (2013) (More4, 9pm) Ardent train enthusiast Eric (Colin Firth) finds in love with Patricia Wallace (Nicole Kidman) following a chance encounter on a train.
On Friday 14 there is a screening of the film The Railway Man in the Ferguson Hall at 7.30pm.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Nicole Kidman on the set of the film The Railway Man at B''oness railway station in Falkirk, Scotland.
The cast and crew of The Railway Man took over Perth station from early morning to recreate a vintage version of Edinburgh's Waverley.
The Aussie actress and Brit actor were in the region for their forthcoming $26m blockbuster, The Railway Man.
I am a railway man and have seen enough people killed while trespassing on the railways.
Fitzgerald had the 4-5 shot in the first two throughout and sent him clear turning for home to beat The Railway Man by a convincing three lengths.
But the horror seems lost on superstar actress Nicole Kidman as she stares from the window of a train while filming scenes from her latest movie The Railway Man in Falkirk.
The Hollywood duo are playing the leading roles in The Railway Man, a film about the life of Berwick former prisoner of War Eric Lomax.

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