rain barrel

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Rain barrel

A barrel used to catch rainwater running off roofs. The main reason for saving rainwater was because it was soft and worked well for washing hair and clothes. See soft water.
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Noun1.Rain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwaterrain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater
cistern - an artificial reservoir for storing liquids; especially an underground tank for storing rainwater
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In an ironic twist for the drought-stricken area, Manhattan Beach's Community News section also publicized free rain barrel distribution events and tips on harvesting storm water for landscape irrigation.
In the 16 games ahead he has to collect points in the way a rain barrel gathers in the drops and that won't be easy given United face the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs at one end of the table as well as Hull, Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Everton, Leicester, West Brom and QPR who are fighting for safety at the other.
Great American Rain Barrel Raffle Raffle value of rain barrel including spigots and downspout diverters, $180.
Put rain gutters all around the outside, with it falling in a rain barrel.
To collect a rain water use a rain barrel at the bottom of gutter down spouts.
Consider creating a rain garden or collecting stormwater in a rain barrel for future use.
On the veg plot, or to keep recently planted borders moist, install a seep or porous hose, which can be fixed to a rain barrel.
The main washing day started after Evensong on Sunday night, the copper had to be filled with water which, if you were lucky, came from the solitary cold tap over the sink, or more likely from a pump in the yard or even a rain barrel placed under the drainpipe.
John Swinney took shelter behind a rain barrel yesterday when the bullets started flying.
Buy a rain barrel to catch rainwater off your downs pouts and distribute that water to your garden.
Many varieties of rain barrel systems, starting at just $100, are available for home installation.
The simplest form of rainwater collection is also the most affordable: a rain barrel positioned under a gutter’s downspout.