rain barrel

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Rain barrel

A barrel used to catch rainwater running off roofs. The main reason for saving rainwater was because it was soft and worked well for washing hair and clothes. See soft water.
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Noun1.Rain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwaterrain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater
cistern - an artificial reservoir for storing liquids; especially an underground tank for storing rainwater
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Plenty of professional aquaponics systems are on the market, but none come as cheaply as our simple rain barrel model.
* Consider using drip irrigation or a rain barrel to water your outdoor plants and water in the early morning.
These programs include the Rain Barrel Art Project and Every Drop Counts Program.
Granted, Burnley's comedy equaliser via the bar and the back of Karl Darlow's head should have been accompanied by the sort of music used when Oliver Hardy fell into a rain barrel.
It states that "a rain barrel does not constitute a water right" and requires the state engineer to track adoption and usage among homeowners.
Most folks have no idea why rainwater in an underground cistern would be okay, but would not in a rain barrel. It has to do with temperature.
Although Cordoba died in early 2013, the resourceful Alvarenga fought on, devising ways to catch fish, turtles and birds, and constructing a makeshift rain barrel out of plastic bottles found in the ocean.
Because it also acts as a siphon, I've used it to drain a small garden pond and a 30-gallon rain barrel. As long as the exit hose is lower than the intake, just give it a few pumps and the water will continue to flow.
Great American Rain Barrel Raffle Raffle value of rain barrel including spigots and downspout diverters, $180.
The pipes connecting the pump, panel and rain barrel heat exchanger are 1/2-inch PEX pipes.
Built without walls, chairs or a roof, the outdoor space features what the news site called a "garden-like area," colorful flowerpots with native plants blooming, a rain barrel and a student seating area made from mulch--as close to the great outdoors as students can possibly get while confined to school grounds all day.