rain buckets

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Verb1.rain buckets - rain heavily; "Put on your rain coat-- it's pouring outside!"
rain, rain down - precipitate as rain; "If it rains much more, we can expect some flooding"
sheet - come down as if in sheets; "The rain was sheeting down during the monsoon"
sluice, sluice down - pour as if from a sluice; "An aggressive tide sluiced across the barrier reef"
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"Despite the weather, families bravely plan picnics - after all if the rain buckets down, you can always eat in the car " Even so, beaches, hills and greens made Wirral the region's picnic Mecca.
Praying for a break in the weather, most hang forlornly around the clubhouse, watching as rain buckets down before eventually concluding that playing 'winter lies' from under water is no fun.
THE rain buckets down, curtailing the farm work outside Banbridge.