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or rain forest  (rān′fôr′ĭst, fŏr′-)
A dense evergreen forest with a minimum annual rainfall of approximately 180 centimeters (71 inches). Rainforests are found chiefly in the tropics but also occur in temperate regions, where the rainfall amount is somewhat lower.
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rain′ for`est

or rain′for`est,

a tropical forest, usu. of tall, densely growing, broad-leaved evergreen trees in an area of high annual rainfall.
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rain forest

A dense evergreen forest with an annual rainfall of at least 160 inches (406.4 centimeters).
Did You Know? Rain forests are, not surprisingly, forests where it rains a lot—between 160 and 400 inches (406.4 and 1,016 centimeters) a year. Most of the world's rain forests lie near the equator and have tropical climates with temperatures that remain around 80°F (26.6°C) all year long. However, there are also cooler rain forests, such as the one in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada. The largest rain forest in the world is the one located in the Amazon River basin in South America. Rain forests are extremely important because they help regulate the world's climate and because they host such extraordinary diversity of life. Scientists believe that as many as half of the Earth's different species of plants and animals are found only in the rain forests, which take up a mere 7 percent of the world's landmass. Among other benefits, this biodiversity supports important biological research. For example, many of the natural chemicals used in prescription drugs are found in plants that grow only in rain forests. Unfortunately, the demand for agriculture is causing many people to turn rain forests into farms and grazing land, and by some estimates, more than half of the Earth's original rain forests have already been burned or cut down.
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Noun1.rain forest - a forest with heavy annual rainfallrain forest - a forest with heavy annual rainfall
forest, woods, wood - the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
temperate rain forest - a rain forest in a temperate area
selva, tropical rain forest - a rain forest in a tropical area
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غابَة أمْطار
deštný prales
tropu mežs
dažďový prales


(rein) noun
1. water falling from the clouds in liquid drops. We've had a lot of rain today; walking in the rain; We had flooding because of last week's heavy rains.
2. a great number of things falling like rain. a rain of arrows.
1. (only with it as subject) to cause rain to fall. I think it will rain today.
2. to (cause to) fall like rain. Arrows rained down on the soldiers.
ˈrainy adjective
having (many) showers of rain. a rainy day; the rainy season; rainy weather.
ˈraininess noun
ˈrainbow noun
the coloured arch sometimes seen in the sky opposite the sun when rain is falling.
ˈrain check: take a rain check
(American) (to ask) to do something at a later time. Thanks for inviting me to dinner, but can I take a rain check on it?
ˈraincoat noun
a waterproof coat worn to keep out the rain.
ˈraindrop noun
a single drop of rain.
ˈrainfall noun
the amount of rain that falls in a certain place in a certain time. We haven't had much rainfall this year; the annual rainfall.
ˈrain forest noun
a thick tropical forest in a region where it rains a lot.
ˈrain-gauge noun
an instrument for measuring rainfall.
keep/save etc for a rainy day
to keep (especially money) until one needs it or in case one may need it.
rain cats and dogs
to rain very hard.
the rains
(in tropical countries) the rainy season.
(as) right as rain
perfectly all right; completely well.
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