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A vertical pipe for carrying rainwater down from a roof gutter.


(Building) US and Canadian a pipe for carrying rainwater from a roof gutter to the ground or to a drain. Also called: drainpipe or downpipe (in Britain and certain other countries)



a vertical pipe for conveying rainwater from a roof or gutter to the ground or to a drain; leader.
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MacDonagh: For example, many cities have started a rain leader disconnect program--internal roof drains can no longer be connected to the wastewater or stormwater system.
Each time a rain leader is disconnected, the overflow picture of the overall system changes.
Tenders are invited for open warehouse expansion budget (24,000 sf) - including, but not limited to: survey, erosion control & swpps, select site demolition, earthwork, wetland mitigation, modify storm system, site utilities, extend rain leaders, asphalt paving & path extension, pavement markings, site concrete, landscape & irrigation, select building demolition, temporary security wall & exit corridor, cip building concrete (sog at expansion, new freezer slabs, new shear wall, new footings & grade beams etc.