rain off

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w>rain off

, (US) rain out
vt sep to be rained offwegen Regen nicht stattfinden; (= abandoned)wegen Regen abgebrochen werden
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and what if his umbrella was a cotton one, so long as it kept the rain off? His shabbiness did not trouble him; there was none of his friends round about to sneer him.
"What is the use of a statue if it cannot keep the rain off?" he said; "I must look for a good chimney-pot," and he determined to fly away.
In this dilemma, Mistress Affery, with her apron as a hood to keep the rain off, ran crying up and down the solitary paved enclosure several times.
Failures slide off them like July rain off a duck's back feathers.
A brolly might have kept the rain off the British Prime Minister yesterday, but she can expect little shelter from the storm that will batter her if she loses the vote.
I cover the top with a clear sheet of plastic to keep the rain off and protect against frost.