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Noun1.rain stick - a percussion instrument that is made from a dried cactus branch that is hollowed out and filled with small pebbles and capped at both ends; makes the sound of falling rain when tilted; origin was in Chile where tribesmen used it in ceremonies to bring rain
percussion instrument, percussive instrument - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another
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bâton de pluie
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"It is going to rain sticks"; and she rushed into the water.
She brought maracas, a gong, Tibetan singing bowl, a traditional Irish drum called a bodhran, rain sticks and a large "grandmother" drum to the care home for the session.
Michelle Matthews Not bothered either way, kind of hope the rain sticks around.
The sound shifted in pitch, as there were many different sized gongs in the studio, along with Tibetan bowls, rain sticks and various sound producing instruments.
Throughout the week in the art room, second-graders made rain sticks, third-graders made shields and fourth-graders students made masks.
Kate added: "There is a composition for residents to become involved using rain sticks so that it builds up from rain to a storm, for which I produce a beach/marine fragrance.
When the rain sticks project was implemented in your school, the classroom teacher, physical education teacher, art teacher, music teacher, and librarians had to mesh to make that field day possible.
The exotic blend of instruments (everything from slit drums and gongs to rain sticks and hangs) with imaginative melodies makes for one extraordinary listening experience.