rain tree

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rain tree

A tropical American tree (Albizia saman), widely planted in warm climates as a landscaping and shade tree for its wide, spreading, even canopy.

[Translation of Peruvian Quechua tamya kaspi : tamya, rain + kapsi, wood, stick, tree (the tree being so called because insects feeding on the tree, as well as the nectaries on its leaf stems, secrete large amounts of fluid moistening the earth beneath the tree and sometimes creating a fine rain as it drops; the designation rain tree perhaps becoming popular in English because the continual dampness under the tree allows green vegetation to flourish near the tree when the surroundings are dry, and because its leaves close on overcast days and at night, allowing rain to fall through the dense canopy, and release accumulated water when they open).]
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rain tree

(Plants) a leguminous tree, Samanea saman, native to Central America and widely planted in the tropics for ornament. It has red-and-yellow feathery flowers and pinnate leaves whose leaflets close at the approach of rain
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(ˈmɜŋ kiˌpɒd)

a tropical American tree, Pithecolabrium saman, of the legume family, having spreading branches and dense heads of small pink flowers. Also called rain tree.
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Noun1.rain tree - large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and seed pods that are eaten by cattle
albizia, albizzia - any of numerous trees of the genus Albizia
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Muscat Green Leaves, along with its sister company Muscat Garden Center recently launched a pen that contains seeds of rain tree inside.
"Besides, saplings of 'Akasmoni', 'Ekashia Cross', 'Manzium', 'Rain tree', 'Amra', 'Dalim', Black berry, Jackfruit', Lemon, Olive, Papaya, 'Neem', ' 'Agar' and other varieties of fruit, medicinal and timber tress are largely being sold," he added.
'Autumnal Scenery of Island,' a giant composition of over 20 plants including chrysanthemums, lilies and flamegold rain tree branches is no exception.
They include a sandstone terrace and York stone steps with architecturally landscaped water features connected by a long rill; well-stocked borders; a terrace with a "thyme walk"; yew-lined croquet lawn; circular triple fountain with views of the Teme Valley; lawns and trees including a Wellingtonia, a Polynesia, a Judas tree, a golden rain tree and a cedar.
Ficus, Conocarpus, Azadirachta Indica, commonly known as Neem, Cassia fistula (Amaltas), also known as the golden rain tree and some fruiting plants varieties were being planted, the horticulturist said and added that Conocarpus was an American variety which grew rapidly.
Albizia saman Jacq.Merr also called as "rain tree" because of its canopy that easily releases the rain water to the soil.
be why even before rain tree frogs sing in grand number in their hidden
Rain tree is the most common tree planted by authorities in Mumbai wing to its fast growth and wide canopy.
The shooting struck several apartments in the Rain Tree complex.
(PNPCSI), observed that most of the toppled trees were the "exotic" ones, such as mahogany, gmelina, acacia (rain tree), fire tree, and teak wood.
The main factors were roughage to concentrate ratio (R:C, 60:40 or 40:60) and supplementation of rain tree (Samanea saman) pod meal or RPM at 0 and 60 g/kg of total DM intake.