rainbow fish

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Noun1.rainbow fish - small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indiesrainbow fish - small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies; often kept in aquariums
cyprinodont - any member of the family Cyprinodontidae
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The Scottish SPCA is caring for all different kinds of tropical fish, including platies, pristella tetras and dwarf neon rainbow fish, after they arrived into the charity's care.
All comfy under the covers and propped up on her pillow, she opens up The Rainbow Fish and recites her own version of the story.
A lot of that must have gone on the new Wave Spa and Wellness Centre - where our "winter is coming" gloom was magically lifted by the mood lights shimmering in the swimming pool like a shoal of rainbow fish.
In the controlled laboratory experiment, the researchers fed rainbow fish from Murray River, Australias longer river, with microbeads from facial cleansers that were spiked with PBDEs.
For children in early elementary classrooms, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (1992) is a good example of an age-appropriate book that has rich and varied vocabulary.
is a lively volume from the creator of the well known children's Rainbow Fish series.
Turn up the card showing the rainbow fish eating the blue fish.
com)-- Freedom Hall presents The Rainbow Fish on Friday, February 15th at 7:00p.
Each class was given a different theme and subjects included dinosaurs, rainbow fish and snowmen.
Owners of the nearby Rainbow Fish Bar in Market Street watched the drama.
Inside the pond, the school hopes to invite a local artist to work with the children to bring to life the jumping rainbow fish sculptures they have designed.