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Noun1.rainbow runner - streamlined cigar-shaped jack; good game fish
jack - any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
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Then one day, Eriksen caught a fish--a foot-long rainbow runner.
Other bony fish species were also frequently caught around the archipelago, such as the wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri), the flying fish (Cypselurus cyanopterus) and the rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulata).
We caught Giant Trevally, a Queen-fish and I landed a beautiful Rainbow Runner, which even FC reckoned he'd never caught.
Sixteen feet below sea level, the seven-table restaurant with minimalist decor is tucked inside a transparent acrylic tunnel, so guests can watch sea life swimming by as they savor the Western-fusion fare (dressed-up curries and, of course, seafood N including the very black cod, legend fish and rainbow runner you see swimming overhead).
EDDIE AHERN extended his lead over Graham Gibbons at the head of the all-weather jockeys' table to five winners when landing a double on Ms Rainbow Runner and Danettie.
latus), and bar jack (Carangoides ruber) in schools exceeding 1000 fish, in rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulata) in schools of up to ~300 fish, and occasionally greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) in schools numbering ~120 individuals, primarily following during the full-moon and waning moon periods between February and October (Table 1).
The Rainbow Runner is a state-of the-art electronic hamster wheel.
of fish(1) Tunas (92% by wt.) 73.71 Skipjack 1,253.50 Yellowfin 19.32 Bigeye 2.70 Skipjack/yellowfin 68.71 Yellowfin/bigeye 0.09 Billfishes (0.5% by wt.) Black marlin 2.98 Blue marlin 1.91 Marlin 2.19 Sailfish 0.04 Striped marlin 1 Swordfish 1 Sharks(5% by wt.) 77.93 Others (2% by wt.) "Baitfish(2)" 12.80 Bat ray 1 Kingfish 0.01 Mackerel 1.25 Mackerel/shark(3) 0.09 Mahi mahi 0.68 Mania ray 0.07 Rainbow runner 17.58 Rainbow runner/shark(3) 0.58 317 Shark/"Baitfish(3)" 1.02 "Trash fish(4)" 0.07 Triggerfish 0.26 Triggerfish/shark(3) 0.53 "Mixed fish 4" 0.78 Wahoo 0.06 Rainbow runner/triggerfish 0.06 Rainbow runner/triggerfish/shark(3) 0.16
Rainbow runner, common dolphinfish, triggerfish, carcharhinid sharks, wahoo, billfishes, and mackerel scad were predominant.
COMPUTER graphics fans have never had it so good, with video capture cards such as the Matrox Rainbow Runner and MiroDC10 now verging on the extremely affordable, and exciting kit such as Dazzle and Buz appearing.
Ms Rainbow Runner (1.10 Lingfield) Did well to finish fourth after being hampered last time, and will be suited by this step up to a mile and a quarter.
Others to follow Lingfield: 2.15 Ms Rainbow Runner. Chepstow: 8.15 Prince of Thebes, 9.15 Feathergrass.