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1. A shower or fall of rain.
2. The quantity of water, expressed in inches, precipitated as rain, snow, hail, or sleet in a specified area and time interval.
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1. (Physical Geography) precipitation in the form of raindrops
2. (Physical Geography) meteorol the amount of precipitation in a specified place and time
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1. a fall of rain.
2. the amount of water falling in rain, snow, etc., within a given time and area, usu. given as a hypothetical depth of coverage: a rainfall of 70 inches a year.
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Noun1.rainfall - water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphererainfall - water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere
monsoon - any wind that changes direction with the seasons
downfall, precipitation - the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist)
raindrop - a drop of rain
rainstorm - a storm with rain
drizzle, mizzle - very light rain; stronger than mist but less than a shower
rain shower, shower - a brief period of precipitation; "the game was interrupted by a brief shower"
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množství srážek
množstvo zrážok
yağış miktarı


[ˈreɪnfɔːl] Nprecipitación f; (= quantity) → lluvia f, cantidad f de lluvia
the region has three inches of rainfall a yearla región recibe tres pulgadas de lluvia al año
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[ˈreɪnfɔːl] n
(= amount of rain) → précipitations fpl
average rainfall → précipitations moyennes
below average rainfall → des précipitations inférieures à la moyenne
(= shower) → chute f de pluie
heavy rainfall → fortes pluies
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[ˈreɪnˌfɔːl] n (amount) → piovosità, precipitazioni fpl
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(rein) noun
1. water falling from the clouds in liquid drops. We've had a lot of rain today; walking in the rain; We had flooding because of last week's heavy rains.
2. a great number of things falling like rain. a rain of arrows.
1. (only with it as subject) to cause rain to fall. I think it will rain today.
2. to (cause to) fall like rain. Arrows rained down on the soldiers.
ˈrainy adjective
having (many) showers of rain. a rainy day; the rainy season; rainy weather.
ˈraininess noun
ˈrainbow noun
the coloured arch sometimes seen in the sky opposite the sun when rain is falling.
ˈrain check: take a rain check
(American) (to ask) to do something at a later time. Thanks for inviting me to dinner, but can I take a rain check on it?
ˈraincoat noun
a waterproof coat worn to keep out the rain.
ˈraindrop noun
a single drop of rain.
ˈrainfall noun
the amount of rain that falls in a certain place in a certain time. We haven't had much rainfall this year; the annual rainfall.
ˈrain forest noun
a thick tropical forest in a region where it rains a lot.
ˈrain-gauge noun
an instrument for measuring rainfall.
keep/save etc for a rainy day
to keep (especially money) until one needs it or in case one may need it.
rain cats and dogs
to rain very hard.
the rains
(in tropical countries) the rainy season.
(as) right as rain
perfectly all right; completely well.
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In this protected spot where there were no frosts and evidently but little rainfall, the bones might have lain for ages without disintegrating, for there were here no other forces to scatter or disturb them.
'With the first heavy rainfall,' I've told 'em, 'your road will be a swamp.' Again and again my words have proved true.
"Hope you ain't sopped up much of the rainfall, Miss," he said.
The maximum accumulated rainfalls were found in the springs of 2009 and 2015 in the analyzed data series; it may be associated with the occurrence of El Nino (Figure 3A).
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Wednesday issued a drought alert as a result of insufficient rainfalls across the country from January to May this year.
Heavy rainfalls and hailstorm lashed Dubai, with the city's airport recording 0.6mm rainfall.
This paper presents a simplified approach for the analysis of landslides triggered by rainfalls. Some conclusions can be attained.
* Agriculture: Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh which is very sensitive to rainfall. Increasing annual and pre-monsoon rainfalls and decreasing number of dry days may help to increase soil moisture contents as well as crop productivity in some parts of Bangladesh.
Rainfall as one of the most important of these variables has a direct and indirect impact on the natural environment and human life.
MIRPUR -- Various parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir including Mirpur Tuesday received the much awaited first rainfall of winter season in the plains besides the snowfall on some of the highest upper reaches of the State.
Projection in the northwest of Benin, one of the high-risk regions, predicts trends including lower average annual rainfall (15% up to 2025); more variation in precipitation; more frequent extreme climatic elements such as heavier rains and more powerful storms; shorter, delayed monsoons with irregular precipitation; and higher long-term average temperatures (Danida, 2008).