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An event, such as an athletic contest, that has been rained out.


(Physical Geography) radioactive fallout or atmospheric pollution carried to the earth by rain



the cancellation or postponement of a sports event, performance, etc., because of rain.
[1945–50, Amer.]


Radioactive material in the atmosphere brought down by precipitation.
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Routine surface renovation keeps fields in good condition and limits the number of rainouts and field closures that might otherwise be experienced.
We made our current fields better and gosh we didn't have any rainouts whatsoever with the weather," said Steve Arrison.
It's been an interesting year, with a lot of rainouts and postponements," said coach Chuck Tidman, now in his 10th season.
Does that mean that all stats in rainouts are erased or has that changed since Musial's time?
And, if rainouts hit MLB hard, it can be exponentially higher with the Minors based on the large number of clubs (146 more than MLB),
Other baseball rainouts Wednesday included Springfield at Churchill and South Eugene at Willamette, also rescheduled for 5 p.
With a police department that floods after heavy rainfall and a sports facility that has had to endure rainouts at its indoor soccer games, the village decided last year to invest its newly increased borrowing power - a little-known aspect of the federal stimulus package passed in last year, which makes available less-expensive Build America Bonds - in the renovation of some of its primary facilities.
The NASCAR Sprint Cup points leader has three pole positions - all due to rainouts - in the past five races.
Major league baseball no longer has them as part of the regular season schedule, so it is left to rainouts to produce games that need to be rescheduled as part of a twin-bill.
The racetrack faced financial and logistical hurdles during its inaugural season, including many rainouts, ultimately forcing the track to close.
The rainouts contributed to a drop in attendance, from 308,109 and an average 4,531 last season to 293,749 this year and an average 4,519, second-worst in the Texas League.
Despite the wettest season that resulted in the most rainouts since 1997, Major League Baseball saw a slight increase in paid attendance from 2010 for the 2011 regular season.