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A squall accompanied by rain.


(Physical Geography) meteorol a squall with rain



a squall with rain.
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Sese and I exited the Senate building that day, we were greeted by an overcast sky, the sign of a forthcoming rainsquall.
Two hours later, after a shocking rainsquall, I shot a very good wild boar with impressive tusks.
At 8,000 feet, as a rainsquall spattered the windshield and the temperature plummeted, the view opened to the horizon across a rolling country of grasslands, sagebrush flats, Douglas fir, and aspens leafing out.
Shokaku and the Zuikaku were about ten thousand yards apart, hidden under a rainsquall.
Despite BMW ORACLE Racing's pressure, Team Sea Dubai managed to keep the lead until the arrival line, dropping its kite on time as the wind suddenly switched by 100 degrees as the rainsquall was arriving.
We made a miserable climb to the top of the mountain cirque and tried to glass through rainsqualls to see anything.
Morning rainsqualls cleared just prior to the start of the race in Sydney Harbour as the record-breaking supermaxi Wild Oats X1 lead the 56-strong fleet out Sydney Heads.
As the sun sank below the western horizon, the skies were dark with gray, fast-moving clouds and heavy rainsqualls became more and more frequent.
I'm thinking of a day last summer dodging rainsqualls south of Cat Cay.