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It is a raised bog, as opposed to the blanket bog shown here.
This is to assist Ireland in meeting its international and national legal obligations, particularly in finding a final resolution to the EU infringement case in respect of reversing the decline in the conservation status of Active Raised Bog due to turf-cutting within raised bog SACs.
It is the UK's definitive estuarine raised mire: despite extensive drainage reclamation and peat cutting in the past, it retains the largest expanse of primary surface lowland raised bog in Britain.
They show around 38% of Ireland's active raised bog habitat has been destroyed in the period 1995 to 2012, overwhelmingly as a result of turf-cutting.
The altitude of water horizon has been increasing with the expansion of raised bog (Bumblauskis 1979).
More than 630, 000 tonnes of CO are emitted each year from horticultural peat use in the UK and we have lost 94% of our lowland raised bog habitat.
It''s one of the remaining fragments of raised bog which once would have covered much of the adjacent Mawddach Estuary and is home to a variety of birds all year round.
Archaeologists CaitrE[degrees]ona Moore and Chiara Chirotti said excavations at Eldercloon Co Longford as part of the Dromod-Roosky bypass on the N4 had uncovered "an extremely well-preserved complex of wooden trackways and platforms" located in a raised bog.
Ireland's cool, wet climate is ideal for peat, and several small areas of protected intact blanket and raised bog are found within the AONB, but in the past century, both types of bog have suffered dramatic decline.
The Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve was acquired from a peat extraction company a decade ago and has since been restored to become Britain's largest lowland raised bog.