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rake 1

1. A long-handled implement with a row of projecting teeth at its head, used especially to gather leaves or to loosen or smooth earth.
2. A device that resembles such an implement.
v. raked, rak·ing, rakes
a. To gather or move with or as if with a rake: rake leaves into a pile; rake in the gambling chips.
b. Informal To gain in abundance. Often used with in: a successful company that raked in the profits.
a. To smooth, scrape, or loosen with a rake or similar implement: rake the soil for planting.
b. To move over or across swiftly or harshly: Cold winds raked the plains.
3. To pull or drag (a comb or one's fingers, for example) over or through something, such as one's hair.
4. To scrape; scratch: The cat raked my arm with its claws.
5. To aim heavy gunfire along the length of.
1. To use a rake.
2. To conduct a thorough search: raked through the files for the misplaced letter.
Phrasal Verb:
rake up
To revive or bring to light; uncover: rake up old gossip.
rake over the coals
To reprimand severely.

[Middle English, from Old English raca; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

rak′er n.

rake 2

A usually well-to-do man who is dissolute or promiscuous.

[Short for rakehell.]

rake 3

intr. & tr.v. raked, rak·ing, rakes
To slant or cause to incline from the perpendicular: propeller blades that rake backward from the shaft; rake a ship's mast.
1. Inclination from the perpendicular: the rake of a jet plane's wings.
2. The angle between the cutting edge of a tool and a plane perpendicular to the working surface to which the tool is applied.
a. The angle at which a roof is inclined.
b. The inclined edge of a pitched roof or the roof of a gable or dormer.

[Origin unknown.]


1. constructed with a backward slope
2. (Nautical Terms) nautical (of a ship's mast or funnel) inclined from the vertical by a perceptible degree, esp towards the stern


[reɪkd] adjin pendenza
References in classic literature ?
I rose up and began this operation, but raked down a picture.
Yet never once did the player throw him a glance as he staked and staked, and raked in his winnings.
whereas the truth-finder, having raked out that jakes, his own mind, and being there capable of tracing no ray of divinity, nor anything virtuous or good, or lovely, or loving, very fairly, honestly, and logically concludes that no such things exist in the whole creation.
Last month, the now suspended county Finance and Planning Executive, Dr Danvas Makori, said that City Hall was targeting Sh1.7 billion revenue after having digitised revenue streams and sealed corruption loopholes.The county raked Sh571.6 million from land rates, Sh295.6 million from single business permits and Sh141.5 million from unstructured and cess.
Our hero the gardener looked relaxed - even meditative - as he slowly raked them into a neat pile in the parking lot.
We raked the hay with a dump rake pulled by horses as well.
Farmers cut the hay and raked it into piles before pitching it onto a wagon.
The Shahid Kapoor-Sonakshi Sinha starrer raked in a[sup.1]47.05 crore from around 2,300 screens from its first week run.
$5000 will be awarded to players with the most raked hands during that period.