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rake 1

1. A long-handled implement with a row of projecting teeth at its head, used especially to gather leaves or to loosen or smooth earth.
2. A device that resembles such an implement.
v. raked, rak·ing, rakes
a. To gather or move with or as if with a rake: rake leaves into a pile; rake in the gambling chips.
b. Informal To gain in abundance. Often used with in: a successful company that raked in the profits.
a. To smooth, scrape, or loosen with a rake or similar implement: rake the soil for planting.
b. To move over or across swiftly or harshly: Cold winds raked the plains.
3. To pull or drag (a comb or one's fingers, for example) over or through something, such as one's hair.
4. To scrape; scratch: The cat raked my arm with its claws.
5. To aim heavy gunfire along the length of.
1. To use a rake.
2. To conduct a thorough search: raked through the files for the misplaced letter.
Phrasal Verb:
rake up
To revive or bring to light; uncover: rake up old gossip.
rake over the coals
To reprimand severely.

[Middle English, from Old English raca; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

rak′er n.

rake 2

A usually well-to-do man who is dissolute or promiscuous.

[Short for rakehell.]

rake 3

intr. & tr.v. raked, rak·ing, rakes
To slant or cause to incline from the perpendicular: propeller blades that rake backward from the shaft; rake a ship's mast.
1. Inclination from the perpendicular: the rake of a jet plane's wings.
2. The angle between the cutting edge of a tool and a plane perpendicular to the working surface to which the tool is applied.
a. The angle at which a roof is inclined.
b. The inclined edge of a pitched roof or the roof of a gable or dormer.

[Origin unknown.]
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(Rugby) rugby the offence committed when a player deliberately scrapes an opponent's leg, arm, etc, with the studs of his or her boots
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References in classic literature ?
I enlarged my circle, and went on pawing and raking. With every pressure of my knee, how the floor creaked!
In reality, she was a true balancelle, with two short masts raking forward and two curved yards, each as long as her hull; a true child of the Latin lake, with a spread of two enormous sails resembling the pointed wings on a sea-bird's slender body, and herself, like a bird indeed, skimming rather than sailing the seas.
His eyes kept flashing, and his hands shaking; yet all the while he staked without any sort of calculation--just what came to his hand, as he kept winning and winning, and raking and raking in his gains.
"Just now I heard the flaxen-haired croupier call out 'zero!' And why does he keep raking in all the money that is on the table?
He had no desire to attempt it again unless the conditions were equally favorable at least, for he had escaped Numa's raking talons by only a matter of inches on the former occasion.
Moving slowly outward upon the two branches Tarzan swung Numa out so that he could not reach the bole of the tree with his raking talons, then he made the rope fast after drawing the lion clear of the ground, dropped his five pigskin sacks to earth and leaped down himself.
And when at last they reached the trench, those farthest on the left of the advancing Britishers heard a machine gun sputter suddenly before them and saw a huge lion leap over the German parados with the body of a screaming Hun soldier between his jaws and vanish into the shadows of the night, while squatting upon a traverse to their left was Tarzan of the Apes with a machine gun before him with which he was raking the length of the German trenches.
Trash rakes are also heavy duty raking devices which are used to remove very heavy garbage.
DONALD Trump looks like a forest chump after bungling the name of a town ravaged by wildfires - and claiming Finland avoids such blazes by raking leaves in its woods.
Sauli Niinisto told Finnish daily Ilta-Sanomat that he did not recall talking with Trump about"raking" in Finnish forests.
By COLLINS OMULOThe Nairobi County government has narrowly missed its March revenue target of Sh1.7 billion by nearly Sh160m million after raking in Sh1.54 billion.However, this is an increase from February revenue when City Hall collected slightly over Sh1.4 billion but a decrease from January's Sh1.6 billion earnings.