rally round

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rally round

(intr) to come to the aid of (someone); offer moral or practical support
يَلْتَف حَوْل
přijít na pomoc
fylkja sér um
destek olmakyardımına koşmak

w>rally (a)round

vi +prep obj leadersich scharen um; person in distresssich annehmen (+gen)
visich seiner/ihrer etc annehmen


(ˈrӕli) verb
1. to come or bring together again. The general tried to rally his troops after the defeat; The troops rallied round the general.
2. to come or bring together for a joint action or effort. The supporters rallied to save the club from collapse; The politician asked his supporters to rally to the cause.
3. to (cause to) recover health or strength. She rallied from her illness.
nounplural ˈrallies
1. a usually large gathering of people for some purpose. a Scouts' rally.
2. a meeting (usually of cars or motorcycles) for a competition, race etc.
3. an improvement in health after an illness.
4. (in tennis etc) a (usually long) series of shots before the point is won or lost.
rally round
to come together for a joint action or effort, especially of support. When John's business was in difficulty, his friends all rallied round (to help) him.
References in classic literature ?
Seeks earnestly to know whether Podsnap 'will rally round him?
Veneering repeats that his heart's desire and his soul's thirst are, that Podsnap shall rally round him.
Always with the proviso that Podsnap will rally round him, Veneering thinks it is so.
Leaving Podsnap, at a hand-gallop, he descends upon Boots and Brewer, who enthusiastically rally round him by at once bolting off in cabs, taking opposite directions.
according to the bill in the window) that his friends will rally round him and support first-rate talent.
red-faced) by Little Swills; their friends rally round them and support first-rate talent.
The jingling piano at last is silent, and the Harmonic friends rally round their pillows.
And though he belonged to the household troops, who, as it was their duty to rally round the Prince Regent, had not shown their valour in foreign service yet, Rawdon Crawley had already (apropos of play, of which he was immoderately fond) fought three bloody duels, in which he gave ample proofs of his contempt for death.
When they see me, when they behold the banner of France, they will rally round me, for they will comprehend that I have your support.
I tell you that the hour is come, when we must rally round one another as One united power, and crumble into dust the oppressors that too long have battened upon the plunder of our families, upon the sweat of our brows, upon the labour of our hands, upon the strength of our sinews, upon the God- created glorious rights of Humanity, and upon the holy and eternal privileges of Brotherhood
You are so young and inexperienced, you have lived among such nice people, that you cannot realize what men can be--how they can take a brutal pleasure in insulting a woman whom her sex does not protect and rally round.
unexpected tend to rally find some spirit to get through When the unexpected hits us, we tend to rally round and find some fighting spirit to get us through.