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(in Spain) a dry riverbed used as a road or thoroughfare


(ˈrɑm blə)

n., pl. -blas.
1. a dry ravine.
2. a broad avenue, esp. in Barcelona.
[1820–30; < Sp < Arabic ramlah]
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Tenders are invited for service of technical assistance to the management of work of control and surveillance and coordination of safety and health of the work channeling of the rambla de alcrceles, el padul (granada)
Es facil, a toro pasado, lamentar que en la Rambla de Barcelona no hubiese bolardos de los que impiden que pasen los coches.
MADRID, Aug 21 (KUNA) -- Spanish police said Monday that they have fatally shot the man suspected of killing 13 people in a van attack on Barcelona's La Rambla.
THURSDAY August 17 started off like every other busy summer day on La Rambla in Barcelona.
The driver of a van that plowed into pedestrians on La Rambla in Barcelona, killing 13, may still be at large, Spanish police say, denying earlier reports that he had been shot dead at a Catalan seaside resort.
The city quickly attempted to return to normality yesterday morning, just hours after twin terror attacks killed 14 and injured dozens of others when two vehicles ploughed into pedestrians on the central thoroughfare of La Rambla, and the nearby seaside town of Cambrils.
The CIA warned the Mossos [local police] two months ago that Barcelona, and in particular the Rambla, could be the scene of a terrorist attack like the one that occurred this afternoon," El Perodico's report said.
Madrid, Dhu-Al-Qa'dah 25, 1438, August 17, 2017, SPA -- The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Madrid is closely following-up the repercussions of the terror stampede attack which took place in the Las Rambla tourist district of Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday, leaving scores of casualties and injured.
One signal was filed immediately after the bombing of La Rambla and the other two hours after the incident.
Ce jeudi 17 aout, dans l'apres-midi, une fourgonnette blanche a percute les passants sur l'avenue tres frequentee du centre de la ville catalane, La Rambla.
THE BOQUERIA MARKET: About two-thirds of the way up the Rambla is the Boqueria which is far more than just a market.
Strolling into town, we discovered we were less than 15 minutes from La Rambla - which is virtually always busy - but it is a Barcelona institution which has to be done.