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1. Often or habitually roaming; wandering.
2. Extended over an irregular area; sprawling: a large rambling country estate.
3. Lengthy and digressive: a rambling speech.

ram′bling·ly adv.


in a rambling manner
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Adv.1.ramblingly - in a rambling manner
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htm) Nick Young and Iggy Azalea Couldn't Get Enough of Each Other; Lakers Star Ramblingly Reveals What He'd Do on Iggy's 'Derriere'
Sex" is ramblingly created and diffused by a system of meanings coercive to women, gays, and lesbians.
Just before he collapses after more than 23 hours of talking, Smith ramblingly reflects on the Declaration of Independence: "You're not gonna have a country that can make these kind of rules if you haven't got men who can tell human rights from a punch in the nose.