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1. Often or habitually roaming; wandering.
2. Extended over an irregular area; sprawling: a large rambling country estate.
3. Lengthy and digressive: a rambling speech.

ram′bling·ly adv.


in a rambling manner
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Adv.1.ramblingly - in a rambling manner
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River bank and castle top are linked by a cable car, a ride that skims over the rooftops of the ramblingly atmospheric old town.
Ramblingly spacious with a variety of shops of all sorts for the convenience of out-of-towners, it offers comfort food as well as "finds" young ladies will not see in other malls; its supermarket is super in size and range of goodies; its busy, bustling bakery is the spot to stop for a quick snack while you wait for the sun to be blocked by clouds so your car parked outside will not feel like an oven when you open it.
Chloe Grace Moretz is engagingly mild-mannered as a lonely waitress who forges an unlikely friendship when she finds a bag on the subway and returns it to Greta (Isabelle Huppert), an equally lonely widow who lives in a ramblingly oldfashioned Brooklyn townhouse.