rambutan tree

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Noun1.rambutan tree - Malayan tree bearing spiny red fruitrambutan tree - Malayan tree bearing spiny red fruit
rambotan, rambutan - pleasantly acid bright red oval Malayan fruit covered with soft spines
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
genus Nephelium, Nephelium - a genus of dicotyledonous trees of the family Sapindaceae that are native to Asia and Australia
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Nephoria, from Rambutan tree leaves, is a natural alternative to retinol, to fight wrinkles and promote skin firming and elasticity; Nephydrat, from Rambutan fruit peels, optimizes skin barrier function, energizes the skin and improves skin water retention; and Rambuvital, from Rambutan seeds, intensely hydrates hair and scalp, and provides environmental protection that assists with fighting malodor.
The movie My Beautiful Rambutan Tree in Tan-jung Rambutan will be shown during the 10-day Bangkok Film Festival which runs until Sunday.
* BASF initiated the exploration of rambutan tree's various cosmetic properties, with the goal to ensure a sustainable use of the resource and generate a positive impact on supply chain development.
A young man in his 40s is in a critical condition after falling from a rambutan tree among which branches he had been gathering its fruits.