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 (rə-mā′), Marie Louise de la Pen name Oui·da (wē′də) 1839-1908.
British writer whose romantic novels include Under Two Flags (1867).
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Noun1.Ramée - tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leavesramee - tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leaves; cultivated for the fiber from its woody stems that resembles flax
Boehmeria, genus Boehmeria - false nettle
bog hemp, false nettle - any of several flowering weeds of the genus Boehmeria lacking stinging hairs
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"I do not think so, my lord," said Bernouin; "but you will hear about him, for La Ramee is here and awaits the commands of your eminence."
"You mean to say, then, my dear Monsieur la Ramee "
"Besides, my lord must remember that Monsieur de Chavigny is governor of Vincennes," continued La Ramee, "and that Monsieur de Chavigny is not friendly to Monsieur de Beaufort."
"Well, dear Monsieur la Ramee," replied the cardinal "let him prove a true and thankful keeper and we will shut our eyes upon his rural misdeeds and put on his back a uniform to make him respectable, and in the pockets of that uniform some pistoles to drink to the king's health."
Mazarin was large in promises, -- quite unlike the virtuous Monsieur Grimaud so bepraised by La Ramee; for he said nothing and did much.
The queen, who was scarcely less afraid of Monsieur de Beaufort than the cardinal himself, and who was almost as superstitious as he was, made him repeat word for word all La Ramee's praises of his deputy.
Meanwhile, staff at the Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa also celebrated the Indian Independence Day with a ceremony at the hotel.
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Ramee Group of Hotel, Resorts and Apartments has welcomed Italian hotelier Rocco Santopietro to the position of general manager for Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa in Seef Bahrain.
Majd joins Emirates Grand Hotel as sales manager having gained more than 11 years of sales and marketing experience from several luxury properties in Dubai, Morocco and US, including Ramee Rose Hotel & Ramee Atrium, Hotel Andalucia Golf Tangier and Sofitel Luxury Hotels & Resorts.
THE hotel sector in Juffair may already be fiercely-competitive, but Ramee Rose Hotel's general manager, Ankush Sharma, believes that his latest project will become the area's hospitality hotspot.