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1. A Japanese dish of noodles in broth, often garnished with small pieces of meat and vegetables.
2. A thin white noodle served in this dish.

[Japanese rāmen, from Mandarin lāmiàn, pulled noodles : , pull + miàn, noodle; see chow mein in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) a Japanese dish consisting of a clear broth containing thin white noodles and sometimes vegetables, meat, etc
pl n
(Cookery) thin white noodles served in such a broth
[Japanese, from Chinese la to pull + mian noodles]


(ˈrɑ mən)

Japanese noodles made primarily of wheat flour, usu. served in a broth with vegetables and meat.
[1980–85; < Japanese rāmen < Chinese lāmiàn literally, pull noodle]
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