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A physiologically distinct organism that is part of a group of genetically identical individuals derived from one progenitor, as a tree in a group of trees that have all sprouted from a single parent plant.

[Latin rāmus, branch; see ramus + -et.]


any of the individuals in a group of clones


(ˈreɪ mɪt)

an individual of a clone.
[1925–30; < Latin rām(us) branch + -et]
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Her chief of staff Christian Ramet was a career diplomat in the German foreign service.
Contract awarded for service for the integral maintenance of the ad9 ramet and cegasa velomed kinemometers and cabins owned by the general traffic management.
Ramet discuss this topic through historical and political lenses and contend that this process can have serious repercussions, both in the Western Balkans and internationally.
This work has instead explored the Americanization of individual Eastern Bloc nations (Antoszek and Delaney 2006; Kovacs 2007; Siefert 2006), the growing importance of US popular culture in Central and Eastern Europe (Nitzsche and Grunzweig 2013; Ramet and Crnkovic 2003), US media representations of postsocialist nations and their residents (Borcila 2014), as well as the reception of American studies methodologies in individual postsocialist countries (Antoszek 2009; Bollobas 2002; Luca 2013; Mihaila 2003).
De hecho, en Serbia, las primeras obras revisionistas se pueden ubicar en la primera mitad de los anos ochenta (o, incluso, a finales de los anos setenta), alcanzado su cima con la publicacion del conocido "Memorandum" de la Academia de las Ciencias y de las Artes de Belgrado (Srpska Alademija Nauka i Umetnosti, Sanu) en 1986 (Ramet, 2002: 19-21).
At the same time, religious organizations in the communist world have served as 'vehicles' for the preservation, defense, and reinforcement of national sentiment (Ramet 1989, 411).
myriophylla putative plant (thereafter genet) with rooted branches (thereafter ramet) lying inside each plot.
This species can produce tubers that can be potential to produce an inducing ramet.
The side valleys of Chail, Daral, Gurnal, Kedam, Mankiyal, Ushu and Gabral, except that of Darolai and Ramet, also roared and brought huge piles of rubble of boulders, trees, shrubs, mud and sand which added to the torrent of the Swat River flowing in between high mountains.
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