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A physiologically distinct organism that is part of a group of genetically identical individuals derived from one progenitor, as a tree in a group of trees that have all sprouted from a single parent plant.

[Latin rāmus, branch; see ramus + -et.]


any of the individuals in a group of clones


(ˈreɪ mɪt)

an individual of a clone.
[1925–30; < Latin rām(us) branch + -et]
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Asterales: Asteraceae) and concluded that the ramet height, rhizome lengths, rhizome biomass and number of daughter rhizomes were lower in herbivore defoliated cages compared with those protected from herbivores.
D'un autre point de vue, on peut considerer que l'orthodoxie est devenue une religion defensive : ce point de vue a ete defendu par Sabrina Ramet (23).
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Each ramet bears one multitiered inflorescence which consists of several sequentially opening flowers within a bract and several sequentially opening bracts within an inflorescence.