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Plural of ramus.


1. (Biology) the plural of ramus
2. (Zoology) the plural of ramus


(ˈreɪ məs)

n., pl. -mi (-mī).
a small branch, as of a stem, vein, or bone.
[1795–1805; < Latin rāmus branch, twig, bough]
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The pilgrims after performing Rami, will sacrifice animals as per the tradition (sunnah) of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), men then shave their heads or trim their hair while women cut a fingertip-length of their hair.
Now, lest you think I'm going to just drool all over the RAMI because it fits me, let me balance this out with the gun's challenges.
They include Rami Khalife's 'Stories' for piano and orchestra, and Marcel Khalife's third concerto for oud.
The integrated promotional campaign regarding Egypt's touristic destinations will be launched in the next few months, Rami said.
Originaire de Syrie, mais ne au Maroc, Badr Rami a grandi dans une famille de melomanes, commencant sa formation musicale aupres de son pere, le maestro du violon, Mohamed Rami Zeitouni.
Software AG has appointed Rami Kichli as the new Vice President for the firm's UAE division.
As to financing the legislative requirements of the RAMI Act, the U.S.
However, the Dutchman is keen to strengthen his defensive options, and, according to reports, has earmarked former Valencia star Rami as the man to fill the breach.
He found that factors including the completeness of clinical coding and calculations about the under-lying risk of a patient dying, can skew the RAMI score.
When two or more rami of nerve are present; chances of lower most rami of nerve coursing below the inferior border of mandible increases.
A few days passed and I studied the possibilities, and the idea for Amal came to me, an Omani international awareness project on drug abuse, which will be specifically focused to Helmi's work," Rami said.
The RAMI compares the number of deaths at a hospital with the number expected, influenced by factors such as average age.