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Plural of ramus.


1. (Biology) the plural of ramus
2. (Zoology) the plural of ramus


(ˈreɪ məs)

n., pl. -mi (-mī).
a small branch, as of a stem, vein, or bone.
[1795–1805; < Latin rāmus branch, twig, bough]
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Reports in France suggest actress and model Pammy has fallen for Rami, a top defender who plays his club football for Spanish side Seville.
The military has recovered the body of Rami, a former spokesperson for the Abu Sayyaf, a brutal bandit group notorious for bombing attacks, extortion, kidnappings for ransom and beheadings of foreign hostages in Mindanao.
Instead of trying to force her life into the pigeonhole of monogamy introduced to her culture through colonization, Rami decides to return to the cultural practice of polygamy as a way to legitimate all the women in Tony's life--and to shame him.
Then Rami came in and totally transformed the character.
Now, lest you think I'm going to just drool all over the RAMI because it fits me, let me balance this out with the gun's challenges.
Rami, 34, opted for a sleek sapphire blue Dior tuxedo, which perfectly complemented his toned physique and big blue eyes.
They include Rami Khalife's 'Stories' for piano and orchestra, and Marcel Khalife's third concerto for oud.
TOWIE star Gemma, 35, then raged Rami had "used her for fame" and vowed to stay away from "bad boys" in the future.
Synopsis: Spiritual teacher, writer, rabbi, and poet, Rami Shapiro has taught thousands of people in workshops across North America for a quarter century.
Tourism Minister Khaled Rami presented his ministry's strategy to reach 20 million tourist by 2020, according to a statement after a press conference held by the minister in London.
Les spectacles de cette nouvelle edition seront marques par la participation de plusieurs stars en l'occurrence le grand chanteur Badr Rami qui animera une soiree exceptionnelle de Mouwachahat et Koudoudshalabiyas (Chants d'Alep) au Complexe Culturel Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef mercredi 27 mai a 22h30.