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Plural of ramus.


1. (Biology) the plural of ramus
2. (Zoology) the plural of ramus


(ˈreɪ məs)

n., pl. -mi (-mī).
a small branch, as of a stem, vein, or bone.
[1795–1805; < Latin rāmus branch, twig, bough]
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Rami announced the implementation of an integrated plan to promote the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal Axis, and to utilise the event in support of incoming tourism.
Originaire de Syrie, mais ne au Maroc, Badr Rami a grandi dans une famille de melomanes, commencant sa formation musicale aupres de son pere, le maestro du violon, Mohamed Rami Zeitouni.
During his 8 years in Allot, Rami grew the company's sales to over $100M, made three acquisitions and led its public offering in NASDAQ.
However, the Dutchman is keen to strengthen his defensive options, and, according to reports, has earmarked former Valencia star Rami as the man to fill the breach.
He said: "I see no advantage in publishing overall RAMI and I see potential harm in diverting attention away from more meaningful measures of healthcare outcomes.
At present, the Welsh Government and health boards use two models, RAMI and SHMI (summary hospitallevel mortality indicator), to evaluate death rates based on age, sex, diagnosis and other risk factors.
Starting from pole position Rami, who came first and seventh in rounds one and two, extended his championship lead after getting the better of his younger brother Ramez, who finished second in round two.
It's been reported that Khaled was outraged with the director for such a low blow, but Rami totes denied the news.
A few days passed and I studied the possibilities, and the idea for Amal came to me, an Omani international awareness project on drug abuse, which will be specifically focused to Helmi's work," Rami said.
RAMI scores have become a hot political topic in the battle over standards in the NHS in Wales.
The 292-page book took a year to research and write, and includes interviews with over 70 family members, friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers who knew Rami well.
Les Roches International School of Hotel Management CEO Sonia Tatar added: "We congratulate Rami on his new appointment and his achievements.