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v. ram·i·fied, ram·i·fy·ing, ram·i·fies
1. To have complicating consequences or outgrowths: The problem merely ramified after the unsuccessful meeting.
2. To send out branches or subordinate branchlike parts.
To divide into or cause to extend in branches or subordinate branchlike parts.

[Middle English ramifien, to branch out, from Old French ramifier, from Medieval Latin rāmificāre : Latin rāmus, branch; see wrād- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]
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adj (lit, fig)verzweigt; (more intricate) → verästelt
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His cousins and connections ramified like a labyrinth all over the governing class of Great Britain, and he seemed to be on good, or at least on good-humored, terms with most of them.
The policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is aimed at rapid social and economic development of the country and establishment of wide regional and international cooperation, where the formation of modern ramified transport and communication infrastructure is one of the priorities.
The West is now aware of the necessity of controlling the group from the inside since it is a global ramified organization." Hamid underlined that the Obama Administration was close to the Muslim Brotherhood and let the Islamic State grow.
As to Syria reconstruction, he said this matter was "ramified" and that it would be discussed on the suitable time.
Khalil's system has ramified into numerous modified metres that poets use as their ground, even when they play with them or subvert them, as is the case with modernist poets such as Noon Meem Rashid and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
We have men and women who understand these concepts but have not been able to practically change the situation in our country as they relate to either the economy or security issue because of political will and that itself is predicated on a lot of factors that are ramified into intricate administrative red-tapism.
In accordance with its draft,the mosque occupies a territory of 2 hectares with the corresponding ramified infrastructure.
At P14, most MLCs have a ramified shape, characterized by long branching processes and a small cellular body (Figure 1, E3) and indicative of the quiescent form of MLCs.
"Actually, every settlement was a fortified area with a well thought out fire system, concrete structures, a ramified system of artificial obstacles and underground communications," he emphasized.
Finance ministry has been ramified into three separate ministries, as two other ministries of privatization and statistics have been set up in addition to the finance ministry.
In the present study, it was detected that the first branch that ramified from the aortic arch was the left brachiocephalic trunk and the second branch was the right brachiocephalic trunk.