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Noun1.ramjet engine - a simple type of jet engine; must be launched at high speed
jet engine - a gas turbine produces a stream of hot gas that propels a jet plane by reaction propulsion
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The new batch of the Cloud Peak missiles have incorporated rocket propulsion technology originally developed as part of the Tiengong missile systems, including solid fuel boosters and a ramjet engine, reports Upmedia.
A scramjet engine is essentially a modified ramjet engine that's designed to work more efficiently in speeds beyond Mach 5.
[111.] Bramlette, R., "Development, Modeling, Simulation, and Testing of a Novel Propane-Fueled Brayton-Gluhareff Cycle Acoustically-Pressurized Ramjet Engine," Mechanical Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, 2016.
In this case, only combined cycle engines can satisfy the rigorous expectation since any single engine faces deficiency, e.g., turbojet engine operates up to Mach 3; ramjet engine cannot generate efficient compression inside the inlet below Mach 3; the specific impulse of ejector engine is relatively low due to its self-loading oxidant.
At Naval Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) in China Lake, California, engineers used a 3-D printer to make an inlet for the solid-fuel ramjet engine they are developing.
It will have a turbofan or turbojet engine as well as a ramjet engine that will allow the plane to horizontally takeoff from the runway and fly through the atmosphere.
The term SCRAMJET (Supersonic Combustion RAMJET) is coined after developing ramjet engines. As the name implies, the ramjet engine rams through the air to compress the fluid and it has no moving parts.
(18) At one time, we considered putting a ramjet engine on the AMRAAM to boost its range and capabilities, as is being done on several next-generation missiles such as the British Meteor, reportedly on the Chinese PL-21, and possibly a version of the Russian R-77/AA-12.
(b) the schema of supersonic pulsing detonation ramjet engine (PDRJE);
The fourth and final vehicle in question has already been built by airframe contractor Boeing and ramjet engine developer Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Pluto facility was used to develop the world's first nuclear-powered ramjet engine for nuclearpropelled, low-altitude missiles.
According to a report by ABC News, the design stems from the goal of the program - to demonstrate an air-breathing, hypersonic, combustion ramjet engine, known as a scramjet.