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 (rā′mōs′, rə-mōs′)
Having many branches: a ramose bryozoan.

[Latin rāmōsus, from rāmus, branch; see wrād- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈreɪməʊs; ræˈməʊs) or


having branches
[C17: from Latin rāmōsus, from rāmus branch]
ˈramosely, ˈramously adv
ramosity n


(ˈreɪ moʊs, rəˈmoʊs)

having many branches; branching.
[1680–90; < Latin rāmōsus=rām(us) branch (see ramus) + -ōsus -ose1]
ra′mose•ly, adv.
ra•mos•i•ty (rəˈmɒs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.ramose - having branches
branchy - having many branches; "a branchy tree trunk"
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For Ramose (2011), the Ubuntu understanding of law requires the whole family and community to take responsibility for the wrongs and ills committed even by an individual member even if the individual is dead.
The kpim (1) of communalism in Africa is not the collectivism that denies the freedom of an individual person, which seems to have formed the basis of the debate and controversies among scholars of Africa such as Wiredu (1997, 2008: 332-339), Ikuenobe (2006), Menkiti (1984:171-181), Fayemi (2010:1-13, 2011: 259-276), Eze (2008:386-399) and Gyekye (2002:297-312), neither is it merely about any national identity or ethnicity as Wiredu (1995), Ramose (2002), Metz (2007:369-387, 2011:532-559, 2014:65-72), Praeg (2008:367-385), Venter (2004:149-160), Shutte (2001), Forster (2007:245-289, Chimakonam (2016:224-234) have touched (by supporting or opposing) in their writings.
This understanding is found in a number of scholars, including Ramose (2002), who also argue that African knowledge systems are those systems that represent the philosophy and epistemology of the indigenous, conquered peoples of (African) countries.
Role of the sucrose synthase encoding PrSusl gene in the development of the parasitic plant Phelipanche ramose L.
A ragged papyrus that belonged to a man called Ramose tells how he and his wife reach the lands of fertility and well being - the Fields of Iaru - by passing though the Hall of Judgment where their sins and successes were evaluated.
Ramose (pp 124-129) provides the most detailed and practical definition of Ubuntu as a political programme, with implications for education, constitutionalism and political economy alike.
Las innovaciones de estilo que hemos visto en el palacio de Malkata no implican, sin embargo, que los estilos mas tradicionales desaparezcan o dejen de utilizarse (un buen ejemplo de este arte mas tradicional lo tenemos en la tumba de Ramose, TT 55).
Although bullying education may seem irrelevant and attenuated from issues addressed in Graham, juvenile concerns present themselves in a ramose fashion, reaching in different directions yet stemming from a common source.
Eight species namely Ageratum conyzoides, Parthenium hysterophorus, Amaranthus viridis, Chenopodium murale, convolvulus arvensis, Brachiaria ramose, Cynodon dactylon and Dactyloctenium aegyptium exhibited 90% prevalence each Among others, 6 species namely Achyranthes aspera, Coronopus didymus, Cenchrus pennisetiformis, Dicanthium annulatum, Eragrostis poaeoides, Rumex dentatus, found in all the eight studied sites and showed 100% prevalence.
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In the original: CORYDON: Saetosi caput hoc apri tibi, Delia, parvus / et ramose Micon vivacis cornua cervi.