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1. Of or resembling branches.
2. Branching; ramose.

[From Latin rāmōsus, ramose; see ramose.]


(ˈreɪ məs)

1. ramose.
2. pertaining to or resembling branches.
[1555–65; < Latin rāmōsus. See ramose, -ous]
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Adj.1.ramous - having branches
branchy - having many branches; "a branchy tree trunk"
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For Chief Warrant Officer Ramous Barker, Forces Sergeant Major, Ghana Armed Forces, he understands that empowering and developing NCOs is critical to the success of his military.
Chief Warrant Officer Kwame Ramous Barker, the sergeant major of the Ghana Armed Forces said his country is about 85 percent complete in establishing their NCO Academy facility.
"It was a bucket-list thing," said Daniela Ramous, a 34-year-old sales manager from McAllen, Texas.
My action will put to an end the widespread lies and ramous about me.'
* Searching for Carlos Ramous who served in the 542 Military Police, Fort Buchanan, PR, 1960-61.