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Raging; frenzied: "the hot rampageous horses of my will" (W.H. Auden).

ram·pa′geous·ly adv.


(ræmˈpeɪ dʒəs)

violent; unruly; boisterous.
ram•pa′geous•ly, adv.
ram•pa′geous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.rampageous - displaying raging violence; often destructive; "the hot rampageous horses of my will"- W.H.Auden
violent - acting with or marked by or resulting from great force or energy or emotional intensity; "a violent attack"; "a violent person"; "violent feelings"; "a violent rage"; "felt a violent dislike"
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How strange to discover the trouble Strauss originally had in writing slow music, when writing fast music seems never to have posed him the slightest problem, as is confirmed by the rampageous opening of "Don Juan," his first out-and-out orchestral triumph.
Although official Pentagon sponsorship ended after a protest by Senator William Fulbright and a directive by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, these reports contributed to the horrified fascination in the media with the so-called rampageous right to which Bell's The Radical Right contributed (Becker 1961; Bell 1963; Chicago Tribune 1960; Clayton 1961a, 1961b, 1961c; Christian Science Monitor 1961; Garwood 1961; Hahn and Neff 1960; Knowles 1961; Los Angeles Times 1961b; Lyons and Morton 1961, 102, 104-05; New York Times 1961c; Phillips 1961c, 1961a, 1961b; Washington Post 1961a, 1961b).
It unmasks the fundamental flaw in the population itself that uncritically accepted the groundless rhetoric of a rampageous leader who has committed one international crime after another in their name.