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1. Extending unchecked; unrestrained: a rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard.
2. Occurring without restraint and frequently, widely, or menacingly; rife: a rampant epidemic; rampant corruption in city government.
a. Rearing on the hind legs.
b. Heraldry Rearing on the left hind leg with the forelegs elevated, the right above the left, and usually with the head in profile.
4. Architecture Springing from a support or an abutment that is higher at one side than at the other: a rampant arch.
In an unrestrained and often menacing manner: vandals running rampant in the city.

[Middle English rampaunt, from Old French rampant, present participle of ramper, to ramp; see ramp2.]

ram′pan·cy n.
ram′pant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.rampantly - in an uncontrolled and rampant manner; "weeds grew rampantly around here"
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Presently she laughed and showed him a small sketch of Jo in her scribbling suit, with the bow rampantly erect upon her cap, and issuing from her mouth the words, `Genius burns
Loss of sexual desire at the menopause gets all the publicity but many women become rampantly sexual.
If it is a young man's game then nobody has told Duffield and to remain as fearsomely fit and rampantly keen as he is makes George, pound for pound, one of the most extraordinary athletes of his era.
freeways to the airport to see how the criminals are rampantly destroying property night after night, unabated, with their graffiti.
We believe that AOL Time Warner, and a whole bunch of their companies, have been rampantly using our copyrighted material without licensing it or paying for it,' said Martin Bandier, chairman and chief executive of EMI Music Publishing.
In general, it was the stereotypical gay bars with sex going on rampantly in the bathrooms.
Murder and mayhem are rampantly to the fore on the eve of the milennium.
Misuse of protected health information accessed by EHRs has spread rampantly in recent years and the healthcare industry has struggled with patient privacy incidents relating to:
EXPRESSING serious concern over the skewed sex ratio in the country, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said failure on the part of the Centre and the states to keep a tab on hospitals and diagnostic centres was the chief reason why female foeticide continued rampantly despite a ban two decades ago.
The defender added he had never been approached himself, but he knows it goes on rampantly.
Certain antibiotics have been so rampantly abused across the world that pathogens have very high levels of resistance towards them.
Dr Gates said that some aliens present a clear danger, such as the rampantly invasive New Zealand swamp stonecrop.