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1. A biennial Eurasian plant (Campanula rapunculus) having bell-shaped lilac flowers and an edible root.
2. Any of various perennial plants of the genus Phyteuma, having dense heads or spikes of bell-shaped blue or violet flowers.

[Probably alteration of French raiponce, from Old French responce, from Old Italian raponzo, probably from rapa, turnip, from Latin rāpum.]


1. (Plants) a campanulaceous plant, Campanula rapunculus, native to Europe and Asia, that has clusters of bluish flowers and an edible white tuberous root used in salads
2. (Plants) any of several plants of the related genus Phyteuma that are native to Europe and Asia and have heads of blue flowers
[C16: probably from Old French raiponce, from Old Italian raponzo, from rapa turnip, from Latin rāpum turnip; see rape2]
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Noun1.rampion - bellflower of Europe and Asia and North Africa having bluish flowers and an edible tuberous root used with the leaves in saladrampion - bellflower of Europe and Asia and North Africa having bluish flowers and an edible tuberous root used with the leaves in salad
bellflower, campanula - any of various plants of the genus Campanula having blue or white bell-shaped flowers
References in classic literature ?
One day the woman was standing by this window and looking down into the garden, when she saw a bed which was planted with the most beautiful rampion (rapunzel), and it looked so fresh and green that she longed for it, she quite pined away, and began to look pale and miserable.
The man, who loved her, thought: 'Sooner than let your wife die, bring her some of the rampion yourself, let it cost what it will.
My wife saw your rampion from the window, and felt such a longing for it that she would have died if she had not got some to eat.
Both vessels have been working on the Rampion wind farm, off Brighton, but now they've come home for Christmas.
As a team, we have been involved in the installation of more than 470 power cables, recently completing the installation of 122 cables at the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.
Since the founding of Fugro's trenching and cable lay services business in 2012, Fugro has established a strong presence in the renewables market, working with offshore wind farms including Lincs Wind Farm, Humber Gateway, Gwynt y Mor and Rampion.
The group, who had set out from the harbour at Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, had been night-fishing close to the Rampion offshore wind farm when their boat was hit.
They included lifeboats from Shoreham and Brighton and some 10 vessels from the nearby Rampion offshore wind farm.
On Earth, she teams with Carswell Thorne and Cress on the Rampion, and she succeeds in hunting down and capturing many of the packs.
According to translations, Rapunzel's mother could have craved radishes or rampion, which is an edible wildflower with roots eaten the same way.
Tekmar's recent growth has seen the company continue to secure multiple renewables contracts, including Race Bank, Rampion and Formosa.