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Bitter, long-lasting resentment; deep-seated ill will: He was filled with rancor after losing his job.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin, rancid smell, from Latin rancēre, to stink, be rotten.]

ran′cor·ous adj.
ran′cor·ous·ly adv.
ran′cor·ous·ness n.
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The whole community is rancorously divided into parties on almost every subject.
I obeyed, but I swore rancorously to be avenged one day.
Their characters' stewing rivalry entertainingly teeters on the brink of getting either rancorously renewed or warily appeased.
Consensus carried the day far more frequently than in prior terms, proving that the current Court could reach compromises and issue narrowly tailored decisions rather than following the rancorously divisive trends of its recent past.
Jia crams his initial, old-ratio images with gaudy color, music, and exuberant movement--the film opens with the camera peering through an aperture at Tao as she leads a hometown troupe dancing joyously to Pet Shop Boys' "Go West," which she again performs, sans conga line, disconsolate and alone in a wintry field at film's close--while the magnitude of the 'Scope image in the third and final section emphasizes, with an Antonioniesque eye for modernist architecture, the arid expanse of Tao's ex-husband's glass mansion in Australia, where he rancorously secludes himself with his Google translator and his guns.
Also, York spits rancorously then sings a hollow song as he weeps (s.d., p.
It is important to note that this is not just the view of a few fringe scientists relegated to what the alarmists rancorously dismiss as "deniers"; it includes most of the top alarmists themselves, including individual scientists, institutions, and organizations --as we will show.
Broadcast and print media are rife with sound bites and bumper- sticker zingers with many participants rancorously focused on blaming the other guys" the other political party religion industry country or region for the problem.
However, the Islamic State group, a Sunni network that split rancorously from al-Qaida last year, has been recruiting Indian Muslims this summer.
The two-married-parent family construct was always frailest among African Americans of all major US population groups throughout the 20th century (though the reasons behind that fragility continue to be debated, sometimes rancorously).
Not only is Chandri shown giving up all her gold jewelry to defray the expenses for Naranappa's cremation rites at a time when the Durvasapura brahmins are rancorously splitting hairs about who should perform the deed, she is also described by Shripati as a paragon of loving devotion (72).
A new production of Dostoyevsky's The Demons by the 94-year-old Yury Lyubimov, though not on the Golden Mask roster, was the talk of the festival: Was this former lion of theatrical dissidents, who had rancorously parted ways with his famous Taganka Theatre the previous year, making an anti-liberal statement with his staging?