random number

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ran′dom num′ber

a number chosen by a random sampling, as from a table (ran′dom num′ber ta`ble) or generated by a computer.
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Whitewood addresses random number generation and distribution.
Random number, perlin noise, or cloud image generators each have demo kernels.
(iii) For each random number, [u.sub.i2], a corresponding value of Q, [q.sub.i], is then generated.
Duplicate structures in random number generation are proposed as well as individual usage of TRNGs.
The "mod N" signifies that the preceding portion of the equation is divided by N and the remainder calculated to produce the first random number. The first random number becomes the [P.sub.1] value for the second iteration of the equation to produce the second random number, and so on.
Whitewood's quantum random number generator device for encryption is planned to hit the market in Q2 2015.
"These genuinely random numbers can then be used to securely encrypt communications," Sampson said.
"The random number generator is one of the better ones."
The patient begins with the same starting age across treatments [D.sub.1] and [D.sub.2], because he or she uses the same random number ([RN.sub.1]).
And the chip gets what IBM calls a "true" random number generator.
7 -- The Quantum World Corporation under its registered trademark, ComScire(R), is pleased to announce the release of its latest hardware true random number generator.