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Adj.1.randomised - set up or distributed in a deliberately random way
irregular - contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice; "irregular hiring practices"
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Comparison of physiotherapy, manipulation, and corticosteroid injection for treating shoulder complaints in general practice: randomised, single blind study.
The ORION Phase III studies with 18-months follow up were fully enrolled between November 2017 and March 2018, with 3,660 patients randomized 1: 1 across three trials ORION-9 (482 patients randomised), ORION-10 (1,561 patients randomised) and ORION-11 (1,617 patients randomised) to receive either inclisiran or placebo.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 18, 2018-Actelion Pharmaceuticals reveals results of first randomised controlled trial in portopulmonary hypertension
Healthcare company Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative (QLHC) reported on Thursday the launch of a new randomised, investigational treatment arm under the I-SPY 2 TRIAL of olaparib and durvalumab for the treatment of early stage breast cancers with a high risk of recurrence.
Among practices randomised to a single PSA screening intervention v.
Whilst observational studies have consistently reported associations between low serum concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) and susceptibility to ARTIs, results of randomised controlled trials to determine whether vitamin D supplementation can decrease the risk of ARTIs have been conflicting.
Find out whether direct or selective catheterisation guided by coronary computed tomography (CT) is the preferred choice in patients with stable suspected coronary artery disease from the findings of the randomised CONSERVE trial.
R., The unrelated question randomised response model, Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, 65-72, (1967).
The authors' show that there is evidence of a reduction in mortality in only 30% of the disease-specific mortality estimates and 11% of the all-cause mortality estimates from the randomised controlled trials they evaluated.
CONSORT 2010 statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials.
Randomised Response-adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials
External irradiation with or without long term androgen suppression for prostate cancer with high metastatic risk: 10-year results of an EORTC randomised study.