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Noun1.range hood - exhaust hood over a kitchen rangerange hood - exhaust hood over a kitchen range  
exhaust hood, hood - metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes
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"As I was helping Gary, the smoke alarm went off and I dashed into the kitchen to find the curtains on fire as well as the pan of french fries, the range hood and the stove.
The kitchens have Nobilia cabinetry, white Caesarstone waterfall countertops, a French door Bosch refrigerator, retractable range hood, versatile drawer-microwave that doubles as a warming drawer and a classic Verona all-gas, five-sealed burner professional-grade stove.
Competitor Samsung, meanwhile, has entered the built-in cooking appliance market with a lineup equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables consumers to remotely start, control and turn off their oven as well as monitor the cooktop and range hood from a smartphone.
Can you get away with really small kitchen range hood exhaust that has high capture efficiency in a tight enclosure?
I recently read about a kitchen fire that was extinguished by a couple of inconspicuous fire-suppression cans attached to the inside of the range hood. The fire chief said the cans prevented the stovetop fire from reaching the cooking oil stored in the cabinet directly above: "Things would have gotten ugly fast if that had happened."
His team modeled gas stove emissions and exposures in California households and estimated that during a typical winter week--when windows are more likely to be closed and air exchange lower--1.7 million Californians could be exposed to CO levels that exceed national and state ambient air quality standards, simply by cooking on gas stoves without the use of a range hood. Twelve million could be exposed to excessive levels of N[O.sub.2].
Attached magnetically to the range hood of a stove, the fire suppressor automatically pops open when a flame touches the bottom of the canister, releasing sodium bicarbonate powder that immediately extinguishes the flames.
Investigators suspect that embers from a grease fire on Tuesday drifted through a kitchen range hood and into the mobile home's attic, which is where the fire sparked, Rogers said.
Although the range hood exhibits its capability on the elimination of cooking fumes, it is sometimes left off during the cooking.
NEW YORK -- The integrated design trend in the kitchen is migrating to the range hood category, coinciding with a growing number of custom hood designs.