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Verb1.range in - direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids
target, direct, aim, place, point - intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
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KF FAKF Velocity error range in x (m/s) -0.08-0.05 -0.03-0.02 Velocity error range in y (m/s) -0.12-0.12 -0.07-0.07 Velocity variance in x 3.3 x [10.sup.-3] 8.3 x [10.sup.-4] Velocity variance in y 3.1 x [10.sup.-3] 6.1 x [10.sup.-4] Position error range in x (m) -0.85-0.5 -0.1~0.3 Position error range in y (m) -0.06-0.19 -0.07-0.05 Position variance in x 0.0974 0.0048 Position variance in y 3.5 x [10.sup.-3] 3.8 x [10.sup.-4] TABLE 3: Static positioning test data.
On July 29, this year the test-launch of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile as part of the army user trial from a test range in Chandipur, failed.