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Sight adjusting, a quickie-take down in the field, tighten up the grip screws, pound--gently--on that Arredondo Range Rod and ...
As an aside, I've noticed most Treso patch jags have a coned surface to aid in seating a ball for those who leave it on the end of their range rod. It also means it's impossible to clean the breech plug surface without using a "fouling scraper" accessory.
I could get off 10 shots before noticing any difference with my range rod. Luhr said, during testing, they only clean barrels after 50 shots.
The winner will be presented with a cheque for pounds 300, a top of the range rod courtesy of co-sponsor Martin Grantham, of the Angling Centre, Stirling, and a bottle of The Famous Grouse Whisky.
Neil fitted a match barrel to the slide, then machined the slide top parallel to the bore by indexing it using a range rod in the bore.