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The sight of men whispering together in small knots or speaking in subdued tones points to disaffection amongst the rank and file.
Remarkable anywhere, by his personal appearance, he was still further distinguished among the rank and file of mankind by the harmless eccentricity of his character.
The lower chamber has recently approved House Bill 8784 seeking to increase the benefits of rank and file and supervisory employees from service charges by amending the Labor Code of the Philippines.
Tacata is urging senators to investigate the apparent misapplication of a 2004 Supreme Court ruling that supposedly led to higher salaries of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) officials to the disadvantage of rank and file employees.
Datol said the measures will directly address long-standing pay issues of the Comelec rank and file personnel.
"I concede that he has united the rank and file of the BJP.
This was the case in 1939, for example, when union thugs murdered Pete Panto, an outspoken leader of the Brooklyn Rank and File Committee, which was demanding changes to corrupt hiring procedures.
Thirty years ago, Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers educated, inspired, angered, and awakened readers in academia and the labor movement with first-person accounts of union organizing, grass-roots victories, and staggering defeats in America's industrial wars.
Needless to say, this strategy is only for the sophisticated and well-heeled who can afford to take the risk; not the rank and file. "Unfortunately," says Kochis, "some got caught up in the irrational exuberance that characterized the latter part of the decade."
Which is a long-winded way to lead to an appreciation of The New Rank and File, a recent book by Alice and Staughton Lynd.
Rank and file miners also challenged the leadership of the UMWA and demonstrated the limits of international efforts to channel decision-making from the top down.